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Test Automation

We have a deep understanding of the various tools and methodologies applied in Test Automation and the expertise to customize specialized frameworks to execute Regression Test suites in an Agile work environment.

Test Consultancy –Our Software Test Consulting services include gated process definition and assessment, tool and automation advisory, audits and quality certification, support in setting up of a test-business and certification for software production.

Performance & Security Testing – Our teams determine how fast certain areas of a system function under a specific load, performance benchmarks and tests to identify flaws in the security ecosystem of the solution, and data protection while maintaining functionality.

Device & Game Testing – We have proven expertise in testing of games and devices, a sound knowledge of platforms such as OpenGL and ActiveX, and issues associated with app/ back-end updates etc.

COE Services-We offer comprehensive Center of Excellence (CoE) implementation for enterprises planning to setup and operate CoEs. Our in-house CoE solution has a robust framework that provides cost effectiveness and standardization to ensure stability, availability, and reliability of the product under test.